Thousand City District

GTFO of Dodge

Realizing that by returning to the police station they would inevitably face a locked down building with officers on full alert due to the murder of the police chief, Smoked Jaguar had plan. He would cause chaos on one part of the island to lure Hawaiian police and the Champion of Hawaii, The Crimson Shield (aka The Crimson Fucker), away from the police station while Tabitha and Nyxx break in to retrieve Tabitha’s belongings.

After destroying three police cars and killing several officers, Smoked Jaguar was finally able to goad The Crimson Shield into acting. While Smoked Jaguar fought bravely he was ultimately no match for The Crimson Shield’s powers and was forced to flee with the superhero in chase throwing flaming bolts at his back.

Meanwhile at the police station Tabitha and Nyxx discover that not only is the building on full alert but all of the cops are fitted in power armor. Luckily due to Tabitha’s abilities with technology she was able to find an weakness in the security system and shut down most of the armored suits, allowing the duo to simply walk through the front door. As they head towards the evidence locker they encounter a sentient and possibly malevolent AI who strikes a bargain with Tabitha, uploading its consciousness into her mind. The group was able to grab all of Tabitha’s belongings and escape before the power armors worn by the cops became active again.

As the trio’s car sped down the road towards the direction of the portal they see Smoked Jaguar being chased by The Crimson Shield. They edge their car close to Smoked Jaguar who was able to jump into one of the backseats, and while the car was damaged by The Crimson Shield’s power bolts they were able to escape.

As they crossed the portal into their own world, Smoked Jaguar collapses from his severe injuries acquired from fighting The Crimson Shield and was rushed to the UN medical facility for some treatment. Faced with the possibility of losing a leg he ultimately chose a cybernetic substitute to replace his mangled limb.


Nochtal nightman97

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