Shogun Beast (Fredrick Sullivan)

Male, 32 yo, 109 lbs, Green eyes, White hair


STR -1 | AGI -1 | FIG 0 | AWE 2
STA 0 | DEX 1 | INT 1 | PRE 4

Dodge -1 | Parry 0
Fortitude 0 | Toughness 4 | Will 4

(These Advantages may only be used while transformed) Power Attack, Takedown, Improved Critical, Weapon Break, Improved Defense, Close Attack, Favored Foe, Startle, Fearless, Great Endurance, Diehard, Assessment

Expertise (Writing 3, Drawing 3, Billiards 3), Intimidation 6, Persuasion 6, Ranged Combat (Pistols 3)

Alternate Form (Enhanced Stamina #, Enhanced Strength #, Immunity #, Protection #, Growth #, Strike #, Regeneration #, Quickness #)

Range Attack (Energy Blast (helmet and Palms) #, linked to Alternate Form)

Close Combat (Extendable Energy Elbow Blades #, linked to Alternate Form)


Fredrick Sullivan was merely a contract construction worker before the event in Sendai Japan, the last place he can remember living at. He has lost memory and went into a 2 year coma after the 2013. When he woke up, and soon came back from a prolonged blackout, he came out of the accident heavily disfigured all over his body. Disaster. Z119 has transformed him, and he now works for the UN as a researcher on the noble gas.

Most of Sullivan’s memory was wiped but the miraculous amount of exposure to Z119 granted Fredrick extraordinary powers to transform his feeble body into Code Name: Shogun Beast. A bio-mechanical avatar who weird great strength, endurance and power. These abilities are controlled by the United Nation’s Scientific Research and Development brainwashing Sullivan into a super-powered crowd control for when things get heavy.

Shogun Beast (Fredrick Sullivan)

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