Nyxx ( William Bleak)

Male, 25 yo, 5'4", Absinthe Green eyes, Box Black hair, more awkward than your mom after that fifth Sunday cocktail


Power Level 8
STR 0 | AGI 2 | FIG 0 | AWE 2
STA 0 | DEX 1 | INT 4 | PRE 5

Dodge 2| Parry 0
Fortitude 1 | Toughness 1 | Will 1

Fascinate, Fearless, Die Hard, Eidetic Memory

Expertise (Performance ( Instrument) 7, Sing 5, Voodoo 5), Intimidation 9

Psychic (Mind Reading 3, Mind Control 4, Illusion 2 (senses: sight, hearing))
Density Mastery (Insubstantial 4)


So, this one time when I was 17, I decided to move out of my parent’s house under the pretense that I and a girlfriend were gonna revamp the 80’s and be rockstars. Had a pretty splashy name, too: P.O.E. Stood for ’Pounds Over the Eyes". You know, like the chump change they put on dead guys? Whatever, it freaking works, moving on.

Actually, just scrap the whole ‘I-was-in-a-Band’ thing, because it was a huge flop. We made two albums and they were made of complete shit. Kind of like the 80’s.

Now I work at a cafe. When I’m not at work, I’m doing cleanup duty that I can’t talk about here.

Well, I could but, I kind of like my dick where it is.

Nyxx ( William Bleak)

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