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Lithuania Quarantined Due to Z119 Leak
December 30, 2015
An earthquake, registering at 8.2, has left numerous fissures and cracks throughout Lithuania. The UN has quarantined the state, and erected a containment field around its borders. Citizens living within Lithuania are being scanned for contamination, those that are clean are being relocated until the state can be purified. Those that are affected by the Z119 gas are being moved to special treatment facilities.

Switzerland Finally Joins the UN
November 18, 2015.
President of the Swiss Confederate Simonetta Sommaruga signs Switzerland into The United Nation of the Earth.

Egypt Breaks Under Siege
November 9, 2015
The UN’s siege on Egypt prevails. The Martians being illegally held by the Egyptian government have been freed. Proletarian Ulric Fu’mon has been placed as the leader of the new UN Egypt.

Zinc Trade With Mars
September 27, 2015
The UN and MRA (Mars Republic Association) has finalized the Zinc Research Trade Agreement. Four Martian scientists will arrive to assist the UNSRD, and the UN will send 1 metric ton of Zinc per quarter to the MRA.

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