Thousand City District

To Hell And Back

Why All Those Kids Died in Honolulu Today

  • We all met up at the UNSRD underground base’s cafeteria. Smoked Jaguar was able to score a mission from Dr. Heldon with 12 UNSRD troopers that were provided for our search for an inter-dimensional portal for the doppelgangers from the first session to pass through to re-enter their dimension. Their “friend” Dave helped explain what the team had to do but not so much about who or what he was or what we were capable of.
  • With the doppelgangers gone, the team passes through the Torii Gate of Fire and Ice. Although Mr. Nyxx suffered some internal injuries from crossing into the netherworld, the team passed though alright.
  • When the team entered the gate, we could see one area with a giant black arena in the shape of a pentagram and another area where the team could only see a giant, raging bonfire. Smoked Jaguar decided to deploy 6 of the UNSRD troopers, most who’d become undead from their passage through the portal gate, to the bonfire. The PC’s decided to head toward the spire structure.
  • At the structure, the team observed that the walls of the pentacle arena were filled with the souls of the dead. The whole building have a ring of five bone-white towers that stuck out 120 feet into the air. Tabitha Hayashi and Mr. Nyxx investigated the structure and discovered that it was a nearly impenetrable fortress but detected wekaness in the spires. The brave and honorable Shogun Beast and Smoked Jaguar decided to strike one of the ivory spire towers which summoned the spirit of death, who we named affectionately as “Dan”. He, like Dave, is a visible manifestation of death who controls the portal gates.
  • Dan said that inside of this structure was another Torii gate, the one of soul pain. He explained that once this gate was entered, he could not ensure our safety or orientation as they reenter the Multiverse. The team decided to cross the bridge of cuddling corpses to enter the Torii Gate. Dan gave Mr. Nyxx some black sand and Tabitha Hayashi a scroll of paper with a symbol drawn on it. When that symbol is drawn with the black sand, it summons a portal back to the Nexus.
  • As the team passed through the gate safely, they landed in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii near a hospital and a school. Shogun Beast was about to transform back to his original form but needed a wheelchair for his legless human form. As Jaguar left, Shogun Beast began to draw some attention from the civilians across the street of an elementary school. As Mr. Nyxx began to shout at Shogun Beast to run away into the woods, the attention to their presence became unnaturally suspicious to gawking parents who had come to pick their kids up from school.
  • All of the attention led to several people to make emergency phone calls to the police. When the police arrived on the scene in their hovering cruiser vehicles, Shogun Beast, in his infinite wisdom, was all like “F*** THE POLICE!” “Homie don’t play that!” He began to turn the suburban street into a super-powered war zone.
  • Both hovercrafts were taken out by Smoked Jaguar and Shogun Beast. Shogun Beast was able to take down one of the hovercraft and incapacitating the officer inside of it. But the brave and honorable Smoked Jaguar took it to the next level by throwing the unconscious policeman at the other hovercraft as a projectile. The hit was critical and sent the hovercraft spinning out of control and crashing into the elementary school building. Many children needlessly died who were more than likely observing the combat or maybe just oblivious to the carnage, watching their teacher and their puppet talk about why hugging is fun and nice. Everyone gained power and hero points for this epic battle.


Nochtal HarlanPhalknerButtcraft

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