Thousand City District

Fantastic Voyage

After Smoked Jaguar recovered from his injuries and received his new cybernetic leg the team was introduced to a new member, Saix, a mimic capable of transforming himself into any person.

The team learns from Jarvis that he knows the science of inter-dimensional travel and was willing to share this knowledge if the team would travel back to his home dimension to recover his body. With the aid of Randy Briar we were able to open a magical portal to Jarvis’ dimension which was a synthetic version of Earth. We were greeted by his compatriots who shared with us plans and knowledge of the maximum security prison where Jarvis’ body was being held. We entered the facility through a portal that transported us to the rooftop of the prison and it was our job to go down to the basement and reunite Jarvis’ with his body.


Nochtal nightman97

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