Thousand City District

Adventure Begins

The team was commissioned by the UN assistant secretary general to solve the mystery of two severed but talking heads found by the lake in New York Central Park, one of the heads belonging to a living and whole member of the party. The team heads to the park to investigate the area where the heads were found but as they arrived at the scene another head belonging to a whole and living party member appears out of thin air.

As the head is taken away by a UN containment team one of our companions discovers an unusual area in the lake. The team commandeers a boat to reach the spot and not only do they find the bodies belonging to the heads but a portal leading to another dimension, unseen by the naked eye. They meet a being who calls himself “Death” who reveals themselves the owner of said portal that was damaged in an attack by an unknown metahuman thus causing the anomaly in the park.

The bodies are taken to the UN to be reunited with their heads, which they miraculously reattach with without any kind of medical aid.

*I omitted some things but that’s the general summary of what happened.


Nochtal nightman97

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